The licensee is authorised by this licence to construct, operate, develop, extend, and maintain a public switched telecommunications service that shall comprise;

  1. The national long-distance telecommunication service;
  2. The international telecommunication service;
  3. The local access telecommunication service without exclusivity on the customer premises;
  4. The public pay-telephone service;
  5. All or any telecommunication facilities comprising fixed lines to be used by any operator for the provision of mobile telecommunication services and public data services;
  6. The licensee shall provide the service twenty-four (24) hours, every day, for the duration of the licence.

Licensing Procedure

The licensing of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) commonly referred to as fixed network is governed by Government policy. At the moment the policy prescribes only two operators in this section. Already we have two licensed operators.

If there is need for an additional operator, the Government advises POTRAZ to prepare specifications for the license and tenders are floated in all Public Media. An independent board will then do the evaluations and recommend the best proposal.

The final winner will be announced by Government.

Licence Fees

In consideration for the granting of the Public Switched Telephone (PSTN) license, the licensee shall pay to the Authority:

A basic licence fee comprising of three components:

Type of Licence Initial Licence Fee (US$) Annual Fee, (%) of Audited Annual Gross Turnover Contribution to the Universal Service Fund, (%) of Audited Annual Gross Turnover
Public Switched Telephone (PSTN) US$ 100,000,000


One hundred million United States Dollars

2% 1.5%

Other Fees

Number fees
The licensee shall pay an annual number usage fee at the rate prescribed by the Authority from time to time. Such a fee shall be used in the development, administration and review of the numbering plan.

Spectrum fees
The licensee shall pay an annual frequency usage fee at the rate prescribed by the Authority from time to time for service that require the use of radio spectrum.

Licencee Register of Public Fixed Telecommunication Services

Operator Category Licence No. Date Issued Duration Expiry
TelOne Pvt Ltd.

Runhare House, 107 Kwame Nkruma Avenue Harare

Tel: 0242 798111

Public Fixed Telecommunications Services  PSTN 050001 28.09.2001 20 years 27.09.2021