POTRAZ is responsible for ensuring that all people in Zimbabwe are adequately provided with postal and telecommunication services. These services must be provided uniformly. All operators contribute to the Universal Service Fund that is used to finance provisions of services in remote and under serviced areas.

The Universal Service Fund was established by an Act of Parliament [Postal and Telecommunications Act (Chap.12:05)] of 2000 and the fund was vested in the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) as a trustee. The purpose of the fund is to provide funding for extending communication networks beyond the borders of economic viability to reach marginalised communities in rural areas throughout Zimbabwe. The ultimate goal is to provide basic access to broadband, voice communication and postal services to all irrespective of their geographical location. This is to be achieved through various interventions including projects and programs to ensure universal access and service to broadband, voice communication and postal and courier services.