The objectives of the fund are:

  • To standardise postal and telecommunication services and to maintain high standards of quality in the provision of such services.
  • To make grants to local authorities or their appointed agents for the purpose of assisting needy persons to obtain access to postal and telecommunication services.
  • To finance or assist in financing the extension of postal and telecommunications services to underserviced areas and community centres within or outside such areas.
  • To assist in the training of persons in the provision of postal or telecommunication services.
  • To promote and contribute towards research and development in the field of postal and telecommunication services.
  • To promote and contribute towards the expenses of the adaptation or facilitation of the use of telecommunication services for the benefit of disabled persons, including the provision without charge of the directory information services appropriate to meet the needs of such persons.
  • To encourage and facilitate, for the benefit of Zimbabwe, the transfer of telecommunication technology, in accordance with an annual implementation plan prepared by theĀ  authority in consultationĀ  with cellular telecommunication, postal and telecommunication licences and the appropriate successor company.