The customer service charter sets out the standards of service that all customers who come into contact with POTRAZ can expect.  It also outlines how you can provide feedback to assist in improving that service. The charter sets service quality standards to the services provided by POTRAZ including all enquiries and complaints related to Postal, Courier and Telecommunications Service.


The objectives of the charter are:

  • To enhance fair competition, tariffs clients’ confidence in POTRAZ.
  • To improve client understanding of what to expect from POTRAZ in terms of its services and relations with clients, thereby reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and complaints.
  • To recognise, promote and protect consumer rights
  • To provide clients with an understanding of POTRAZ’s service standards
  • To inform POTRAZ customers about complaint channels when any dissatisfaction occurs.
  • To ensure customers are aware of how a complaint or an enquiry can be made and in what format and how long they should wait before the receive a response.

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) is strongly committed to improving the quality of services that it provides to its customers. As such POTRAZ is pleased to present its Customer Service Charter to make sure that it serves the public in the best way possible.

The charter comes as part of POTRAZ’s continual efforts to improve the services provided to its clients with consistency and high quality standards.

Service Standards

What you can expect from POTRAZ

  • We deal with all customers in a friendly, courteous and professional way
  • We are honest, fair and unbiased in our service
  • We ensure continuous improvement for our services and processes to customer expectation
  • We provide services according to approved procedures and commitements
  • We focus on customer needs in everything we do.
  • We build positive relationships
  • We treat all customer information confidentially
  • We respond to customer enquiries and complaints in an accurate and timely manner.
  • We respect and listen to each other
  • We ensure customer views and suggestions are considered in an effort to further improve our service delivery.