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Number Usage Fees

Numbering resources are divided in various categories and the applicable number usage annual fees are as follow:

Assignment of telecommunication numbers:

Subscriber numbers are assigned in blocks of 1 000. 10 000, 1 000 000 or more.

Other numbering resources (e.g. short codes) are assigned on demand.

Change of assigned numbers

All telecommunications operators are required to notify the authority of any change of subscriber numbering assignments 60 days in advance. This is necessary for the Authority to modify the Zimbabwe National Numbering Plan (ZNNP) and notify the ITU and other Recognised Operating Agencies (ROAs).
Upon receipt of authorisation from the Authority to change number assignment, the Operator is required to issue a NOTICE to the public and the numbers assignees at a reasonable time prior to the date when the anticipated change is to be effected.

1)      Subscriber numbers US$0.10 (10 cents)  per unit
2)      Network Destination Codes US$50.00
3)      Premium Rate Service Short Code       US$1200.00
4)      Non Premium Rate Short Code US$50.00
5)      International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC) US$50.00
6)      National Signalling Point Codes (NSPC) US$50.00
7)      Mobile Network Identifiers –  MNC +NCC US$50.00