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Licensing Procedure3

Vision : A World Class, fair and competitive regulatory environment with universal communications services throughout Zimbabwe by 2020

Licensing Procedure - Private Telecommunications Network License
Scope of License

A Private Telecommunications Network License authorises the licensee to construct, operate and maintain a private network infrastructure that can carry Voice, Video and Data traffic within the private network. Private Network traffic must not originate or terminate in a Public Telecommunications facility e.g. Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) or Public Mobile Cellular Network.
Application Procedure

1. The applicant shall write a cover letter addressed to the Director General introducing himself/herself and indicating the license he/she is applying for.
2.  Application forms: ()Application forms are in PDF and MsWord)
 The applicant shall fill-in relevant application forms which should be endorsed by signatures of the approved person(s).     Download PDF or MsWord
b)  Earth Station Application Form (For network with VSAT Solution Only).    Download PDF or MsWord
c) Application for VSAT Landing Rights (For network with VSAT Solution Only).  Download PDF or MsWord
d) Radio Relay Application Form (For networks with Radios only).                   Download PDF or MsWord
3. Project Proposal.
The applicant shall provide a detailed project proposal for the Private Network in response to item 9 on the Application for Licensing for a Private Network form.

The proposal must include the following details:
a) Company background/Profile
b)  Justifications for requiring a Private Network instead of using Public Licensed Operators.
c) Description of the service-
1) Nature and purpose of the service to be provided by the Private Network. (Data, Voice Video etc., speeds (Kbps))
2) The area of operation of the proposed private network.
3) Full details of the premises where the network will be installed.
d) Technical information –
1) Detailed description of all technical aspects of the private network.
2) Configuration of the proposed private telecommunications network.
3) Drawings /Network topology etc.
4) Equipment to be used by the applicant

 4. Attachments
a) Company Registration Certificate (CR14), Government to Government Agreements or International Co-operations agreements (NGO).
b)  Technical Specifications of the equipment to installed (from Manuals or brochures).
 5. All the above documents are attached into one booklet and at least 10 booklets are required for submission to the Authority.

 6. Private Network License Fees
a) Application fees of USD160 is paid on submission of application document.
b) Annual licence fee of US$2,500.
c) Annual contribution to the Universal Service Fund of USD$1,000.
d) Where the VSAT Network is managed by an external HUB, the Licensee shall pay Landing rights fees of thirty six thousand United States  of America dollars (US$36,000). Where the VSAT network is managed by a local HUB, the licensee shall pay a landing rights fee of ten thousand United States of America dollars (USD10,000).
e) Spectrum fees (Depends on a number of factors which includes the frequencies used, bandwidth and channel separation)

  • ITU celebrated its 150th anniversary on 17 May 2015, marking a long and illustrious history in cutting edge communication technologies

  • POTRAZ commemorates the following internationally recognised events: Girls in ICT Day, World Telecommunication & Information Society Day and World Post Day

  • POTRAZ runs the International Letter Writing Competition

  • POTRAZ is responsible for ensuring that all people in Zimbabwe are adequately provided with Postal and telecommunication services.

  • POTRAZ gives back to the community through a number of life changing initiatives.

  • POTRAZ took steps such as compelling consumers to register their sim cards to prevent harassment of Zimbabwean Citizens by criminals

  • To promote the development of postal and telecommunication systems and services in accordance with practicable recognised international standards and public demand

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