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Consumer Complaint Procedure

Vision : A World Class, fair and competitive regulatory environment with universal communications services throughout Zimbabwe by 2020

Be AWARE of your RIGHT to COMPLAIN on any Issues that you are not satisfied with such as:

  • Charges
  • Billing
  • Quality of Service
  • Quantity
  • Delays
  • Promotions
  • Value Added Services
  • Connection of Services
  • Customer Service
  • Coverage

     The Complaint

  • Do you have a complaint?
  • What is the nature of your complaint?
  • Do you have evidence to support your complaint?


  • Visit / Call/ e-mail/write to your service provider to present your complaint stating all facts.
  • Follow up by writing or e-mailing if the initial response is not satisfactory
  • Be objective and do not exaggerate.
  • Attach relevant supporting documents.
  • In the event of prolonged delay, unsatisfactory or non-response, approach POTRAZ with the complaint.


  • All complaints from the consumers should be first dealt with by the affected operator. The Regulator is the last port of call.

  • Service Providers should make available to consumers   their complaint handling procedure manuals at all customer service centres with the aim of resolving disputes in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Service Providers should provide Consumers with clear written and verbal complaint procedures.
  • Service Providers are encouraged to provide a free phone number for inquiries.
  • Service Providers should also make POTRAZ’s contact details available for Consumers, notifying Consumers that they may raise their complaint to POTRAZ if their original complaint is not handled to their satisfaction.


  • Write or email the Regulator attaching copies of previous correspondence.
  • State all facts.
  • Be objective and do not exaggerate.
  • Attach relevant supporting documents
  • Give the POTRAZ 7 working days to investigate and respond to your complaint.

Complaint Results

  • Satisfactory response to the complainant.
  • Official apology from the operator if found at fault.
  • Appropriate compensation where it is due depending on complaint.

POTRAZ Responsibilities

  • Either the Service Providers or Consumer may refer an unresolved dispute to POTRAZ.
  • POTRAZ may issue a regulation to ensure effective and efficient handling and resolution of disputes.
  • POTRAZ shall promptly investigate any matter which is raised to it by a Consumer or Service Provider.
  • POTRAZ shall promptly respond to all written communications
  • POTRAZ shall determine the periods that are reasonably necessary for the fair and adequate presentation of the matter by the respective parties.
  • POTRAZ shall require evidence or arguments to be presented in writing, other than in exceptional circumstances. POTRAZ will decide the matters upon which it will hear oral evidence or arguments.
  • POTRAZ shall promptly make recommendations or resolve disputes between Service Providers and Consumers.
  • The Service Providers should only suspend or terminate the services provided to Consumers in accordance with the terms of its written terms and conditions. Licensed Operators should not suspend or terminate services merely due to a Subscriber initiating a complaint or dispute resolution process unless the Licensed Operator has obtained the prior permission of POTRAZ, which may be granted where there is a significant risk of serious and irreparable harm to the Service Providers.
  • ITU celebrated its 150th anniversary on 17 May 2015, marking a long and illustrious history in cutting edge communication technologies

  • POTRAZ commemorates the following internationally recognised events: Girls in ICT Day, World Telecommunication & Information Society Day and World Post Day

  • POTRAZ runs the International Letter Writing Competition

  • POTRAZ is responsible for ensuring that all people in Zimbabwe are adequately provided with Postal and telecommunication services.

  • POTRAZ gives back to the community through a number of life changing initiatives.

  • POTRAZ took steps such as compelling consumers to register their sim cards to prevent harassment of Zimbabwean Citizens by criminals

  • To promote the development of postal and telecommunication systems and services in accordance with practicable recognised international standards and public demand

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