Creating a level playing field

The Postal and Courier Services Division is a specialized unit which falls under the Communications Department. Its primary function is the regulation of both Postal and Courier Services. In terms of the governing Act, The Postal and Telecommunications Act [Chapter 12:05], no person is allowed to provide Postal Services unless the person is a holder of a valid license issued by the Regulatory Authority.

The term “POSTAL” in this case also includes courier services. The Postal and Courier Services Division also undertakes some adhoc and planned inspections to ensure compliance with both the license conditions as well as provisions of the regulations.

Postal Service (General) Licence

This is a license granted to the Designated Postal Operator (DPO)who has the mandate to provide all postal services to all parts of the country. Currently Zimbabwe Post (ZIMPOST) is the DPO and the Authority will not consider any application for this license category until further notice.

Type of Licence Non-refundable Application Fee (US$) Initial Licence Fee Licence Fee (%) of Audited Gross Annual Revenue Contribution to USF (%) of Audited Gross Annual Revenue
Postal Service General 250.00 500,000.00 2% 2%

NB: An annual licence fee of either 2% of audited gross annual revenue or two thousand five hundred dollars ($2 500.00), whichever is greater is payable for each of the categories.

Licencee Register Postal Operators
Operator Category Licence No. Date Issued Duration Expiry
Zimbabwe Posts (Pvt) Ltd 15th Floor Causeway Building Corner 3rd Street and Central Ave, P.O Box CY44, Causeway, Harare Tel. +263 4 798642/70 Website. Postal Services General  POS 050001 28.09.2001 20 years 27.09.2021