Creating a level playing field

Types of Licenses

a)      Public Switched Telephone Network Licenses.

Under this category POTRAZ have only licenced one company which is TelOne.

b)     Public Cellular Telecommunications Network Licenses.

Currently only three companies have obtained this licence in Zimbabwe. These are Econet, Net One and Telecel.

c)      Internet Access Provider (IAP) licences.

These are grouped into class A and class B categories,

Class A –This category has got more than ten Internet Access providers. Among the ten include TelOne, Liquid, Powertel, Telecontract, Africom, Aquiva and Aptics,)

Class B -This category has got only one Government Institution which is Net One.

d)      Postal General licences.

Like public switched network licence only one company in Zimbabwe have got Postal

General Licence .This Company is called Zimpost.

e)      Commercial Courier Licences

This category has got both domestic and international courier licences.

Companies which fall under this category include: DHL, Courier Connect and FEDEX.                              

f)      Private Network licences

These are given to private Organisations such as Banks and Non-Governmental    organisations in Zimbabwe.

g)      Private Mobile Radios

These include (VHF, HF, Aircraft, Ship, and Amateur)

 What are the general requirements for one to obtain a public license?

·         The applicant must be a locally registered company.

·         Local shareholding must be more than 50%.

·         Foreign shareholding should not exceed 49%.

·         Applicants must provide strong financial capability – Proof of funds and cash flow analysis for 5 years required.

·         Applicants should have technical capabilities to rollout services – CVs for top project team/management required.