Creating a level playing field

As an organisation, POTRAZ has been and continues to give back to the community through a number of life changing initiatives.  In the current context of globalisation, sustainable development and competitiveness, organisations are more and more assessed not only by their economic performance, management quality and communication policy, but also according to the contribution made by them to the social life of the community to which they operate and belong.

POTRAZ is committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate citizen. Being a socially responsible organisation means demonstrating an enduring commitment to improve the lives of people in different communities. It is about delivering sustainable growth, supported by a firm foundation of principles that preserve human dignity and enhance the quality of life.

POTRAZ CSR focuses on actively contributing to the social and economic development of communities in which it operates. In so doing build a better, sustainable way of life for the marginalised sections of the Zimbabwean society. Quality of life for marginalised communities is the aim of this programme.